Recovery Partners: Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir (Enke)
Recovery Partners

Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir (Enke); (Mongolian Central Bank ret)

Enke has over 25 years of work experience focused on central banking, project delivery and governance. She is a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mongolia, Director of the Supervision and Monetary Policy Departments and has acted as a Consultant at the IBRD and ADB. She was the Chairman of the Auditing Committee at the International Investment Bank, Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Chairman of the National Board of the Payment and Settlement Systems, Member of the National Statistics Committee (all Mongolia). Enke’s specialties include Central banking: monetary and supervision policies, banking and finance laws and regulation, Credit Information Bureau, Financial Stability, deposit guarantee mechanisms, RTGS, Payment Systems, corporate governance, International relations: emerging economies, business development, research on economic development, and raising funds. Enke is presently based in London, England.

Enke’s language skills include English, Mongolian and Russian.