Recovery Partners: Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you for speaking at WAISC 2011. As the opening speaker on Tuesday morning you managed to impress our delegates with your presentation. Your candid thoughts, insight and expertise are a welcome addition to any agenda and as a result, many delegates listed your session as the one they found most valuable. When planning an event such as this, it is imperative to gain the participation of experts in the field and your willingness to share your time and expertise was critical to the success of this event. We look forward to working with you again!”…Conference Organizing Company

“Recovery Partners did an excellent job for us. They worked fast and efficiently. Equally important, their work was of the highest standard. They displayed total professionalism throughout the mandate, together with strong knowledge and excellent client relationship management. The latter was essential, for the issues were sensitive. They discovered the root cause of the debt problem and suggested sound actions to tackle it.”…Senior International Financial Institution Executive

“Alex's knowledge of financial instruments, financial structures, and financial risk is unparalleled, and he has made an enormous contribution to every firm he has been associated with. Recovery Partners, is dedicated to helping banks and financial institutions deal with credit problems across the capital structure, and he is ideally suited to running such a business. I would recommend his services without hesitation.”…Executive Recruiter, former Investment Banker

“Alex has a strong reputation in the financial community as a results-oriented, no nonsense manager. His greatest value, in my opinion, is his extraordinary knowledge of international capital markets and his ability to use that knowledge to generate bottom line performance”…Senior Bank Executive

“Alex is a very smart operator that has the ability to take advantage of opportunities that may not always be evident to others.”… CEO Investment Boutique

“We worked with Recovery Partners in turning around a hi-tech business. I found Alex to be an astute businessman, organized and very focused. Alex has good leadership skills, and is someone who can make things happen. I would highly recommend him, as I'm sure that any project/business he was to work in would be a resounding success”….Company Executive

“Recovery Partners provided leadership and guidance required to bring our organisation into compliance with Basel II ….. Recovery Partners also managed the development of a feasibility study with respect to credit risk measurement requirements of Basel II, conducted a Best Practices review other major Banks' compliance efforts for Basel II and provided ongoing advice and management support to Senior Executives. All of this work was completed to our satisfaction and on time”…Bank Senior Executive Vice President

“Recovery Partners found pressing risk issues in our operation that our previous advisors had missed….and saved us considerable time, money and headaches in the process”…Senior Company Director

“The study indicates that procedures for managing the risks inherent in the Crown's portfolio have been substantially improved over the past twelve months. Improved practices include more effective risk management practices as well as formal guidelines for liquidity management, guidelines for pricing of credit risk. and more effective exposure reporting to support the portfolio managers…. We have been favorably impressed with the work undertaken to more finitely identify the market risks inherent in the portfolio…we believe that they have taken a more comprehensive approach to liquidity management than most major financial intermediaries” …Big 4 Accounting firm Audit Report

“Recovery Partners Named One of the World’s Best Advisory Boutiques….Jurshevski's background suggests he is a man to be taken seriously. He entered banking as an econometrician at Bank of Montreal in the early 1980s and soon found himself running its futures and options business at a time when those markets were growing exponentially. He later switched to Wood Gundy and had a stint running capital markets in Japan. But he really made a name for himself in a famous period at the New Zealand debt-management office where he restructured the country's obligations and eliminated its foreign debt in the early 1990s”…Major Specialist Financial publication

“Deal of the Year…..the DMO deserves a lot of credit for the success of the issue. The Team operate in a highly professional manner and clearly demonstrated an awareness of the needs of investors”…Head of Syndications, Major US Investment Bank

“Mr. Jurshevski has had a significant impact on the operation of the NZDMO …. He showed considerable drive and technical leadership in helping the NZDMO achieve some major successes and market recognition. … During the two years prior to Mr. Jurshevski's departure the portfolio management group realized very substantial cost savings and value added”…former Secretary to The Treasury